Fresh into the electronic music scene, Parsifal is a Swiss-Italian DJ and producer, now living in Paris, where he compose his music and sound design projects.

Italian 3 times DMC and ITF vice-champion and France DMC finalist in 2008, he’s inspired by a plethora of big name artists in a variety of EDM genres like Electro, Bass Music and Deep House.

Parsifal creates a unique style: characterized by heavy bass, bright melodies and powerful synth sounds combined with impressive composition skills that lend one’s mind to the epic music of movies soundtracks.

Creating both new remixes and original tracks, he made his first EP “Dreamwalker” (2013) and few days later, the EP was on the Top Ten chart of american blog

In 2014, his Lorde’s “Royals” remix and original track “Faces” are the perfect examples to show the energy and the sounds taste that this artist develops, finding a balance between melodies and club drums and basslines!

Founder with friends and artists Specialivery and Mess Me of the label Kinesen Records, Parsifal performs live and made dj sets with his favorite midi controllers and other hardware.

With his energy and incredible sound, this artist transforms electronic music in his performances that lead all who listen into his world!